2016/11/10 - FlorkOfCows fan week! Check out the author at florkofcows.
This time the socks go to the Moon.
2016/10/06 - Another fan week from florkofcows allowed me to send him this guest comic.
Funny how nobody has done this word-play before with googles and goggles. But mail me if you find something similar. :)
2016/09/16 - Here's a guest comic I did for webcomicname.com, a very funny series by Alex Norris, author of the Dorris McComics web comics.
2016/09/10 - My favorite comic so far featuring Beartato and Reginald over at Nedroid.com. Check out his web page for tons of funny comics.
2016/09/09 - This is my second guest comic for the awesome Florkofcows. Don't forget to check out his comics at www.facebook.com/florkofcowsofficial
2016/09/08 - Very funny comic by Irwin Cardozo. :)
Check out more of his insanely offensive stuff at www.facebook.com/irwincardozocomics
2016/08/27 - Back from vacations! Sorry for the long time since I posted something, but I was busy doing nothing. Obviously the joke-demons don't take vacations, so I have tons of new jokes coming up. Stay tuned ;)
2016/07/17 - Hi folks. I created this new page called "News" for publishing Pipanni.com news (duh). Hope you like it cause it took some time. Now off to the pool as it's an awesome Summer day outside.
2016/05/15 - Pipanni.com is one year old! So far the biggest hit I've had as been the "Milk and Bears" comic, you can read it here: "Milk and Bears", but I'm looking forward to toppling it.
2015/08/10 - Currently on vacations, managed to do some comics hiding in the pantry, family ran around the house pissed: "where is he?!" :D

I did the comic "Dreams" which is Jaques Dubois's first appearance, click the following link to read it: "Dreams"
2015/07/17 - I bought a new laptop! I almost bought a new Microsot Surface but then I remembered I am no artist so... no deal.
2015/06/15 - A record 143 users visited the site! I have no idea why. I haven't sent any newsletters yet, so somewhere on the web some website must have posted one of my comics.
2015/05/15 - Pipanni.com is born! I tried to secure a partnership with an artist but no one was interested, so I'll be drawing the comics myself. What could go wrong? Besides a lot of "you suck!" comments. :)